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En Route/Scheduled to ESSA Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) [ESSA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
VKG1624A333Amilcar Cabral Int'l ()Thu 02:10PM CVTThu 11:30PM CET
NTJ801SF34Mariehamn ()Fri 06:40AM EETFri 06:05AM CET
THA960B773Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Fri 01:25AM ICTFri 01:41AM ICTFri 06:12AM CET
VKG1438A333Punta Cana Int'l ()Thu 05:00PM ASTThu 05:17PM ASTFri 06:43AM CET
NAX4280B738Helsinki-Vantaa ()Fri 07:00AM EETFri 06:50AM CET
NAX5022B738Dubai Int'l ()Fri 02:00AM GSTFri 02:40AM GSTFri 06:59AM CET
SAS2198B736Kalmar ()Fri 06:25AM CETFri 07:15AM CET
SAS1126B738Ronneby (F 17) ()Fri 06:25AM CETFri 07:20AM CET
SAS1B736Lulea (Kallax Air Base) ()Fri 06:00AM CETFri 07:25AM CET
SAS130B737Malmo ()Fri 06:25AM CETFri 07:30AM CET
SAS75B736Ostersund (Froson Air Base) ()Fri 06:30AM CETFri 07:30AM CET
SAS27B737Umea ()Fri 06:30AM CETFri 07:35AM CET
SAS2047B737Sundsvall ()Fri 06:40AM CETFri 07:35AM CET
SAS140B738Goteborg ()Fri 06:35AM CETFri 07:35AM CET
SAS1011B736Skelleftea ()Fri 06:30AM CETFri 07:40AM CET
SAS707B736Helsinki-Vantaa ()Fri 07:30AM EETFri 07:40AM CET
CFG251B763Gregorio Luperon Int'l ()Thu 06:10PM ASTThu 06:24PM ASTFri 07:42AM CET
SAS1049B736Kiruna ()Fri 06:05AM CETFri 07:45AM CET
NTJ3101AT43Ornskoldsvik ()Fri 06:40AM CETFri 07:45AM CET
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