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Departures: Stavanger, Sola Airport (Stavanger, Rogaland) [ENZV]
Arrival Time
NAX529B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 10:43AM CETMon 11:05AM CETMon 10:55AM CET
SAS4018B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 10:36AM CETMon 11:13AM CETMon 11:13AM CET
SAS4629B737London Heathrow ()Mon 10:14AM CETMon 10:27AM GMT
KLM1198F70Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 10:10AM CETMon 11:13AM CET
SAS4014B737Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 09:53AM CETMon 10:40AM CETMon 10:40AM CET
NAX1326B738Manchester ()Mon 09:52AM CETMon 10:14AM GMTMon 10:13AM GMT
SAS4156B736Bergen, Flesland ()Mon 09:51AM CETMon 10:13AM CETMon 10:13AM CET
SAS4488B736Trondheim, Vaernes ()Mon 09:49AM CETMon 10:42AM CETMon 10:42AM CET
NAX527B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 09:26AM CETMon 09:54AM CETMon 09:44AM CET
NAX525B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 08:52AM CETMon 09:21AM CETMon 09:11AM CET
SAS4010B737Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 08:34AM CETMon 09:19AM CETMon 09:19AM CET
SAS4154B736Bergen, Flesland ()Mon 08:26AM CETMon 08:49AM CETMon 08:49AM CET
NAX123B738Bergen, Flesland ()Mon 08:21AM CETMon 08:26AM CETMon 08:16AM CET
SAS4008B736Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 08:06AM CETMon 08:48AM CETMon 08:48AM CET
NAX523B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 07:53AM CETMon 08:22AM CETMon 08:12AM CET
SAS4006B737Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 07:34AM CETMon 08:17AM CETMon 08:17AM CET
NAX121B738Bergen, Flesland ()Mon 07:08AM CETMon 07:25AM CETMon 07:15AM CET
SAS4152B736Bergen, Flesland ()Mon 07:08AM CETMon 07:32AM CETMon 07:32AM CET
SAS4004B737Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 07:05AM CETMon 07:47AM CETMon 07:47AM CET
NAX521B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 06:57AM CETMon 07:29AM CETMon 07:19AM CET
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