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Scheduled Departures: Oslo, Gardermoen Airport (Oslo) [ENGM]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
NAX430B738Molde, aro ()Mon 04:00PM CESTMon 04:51PM CEST
WIF149DH8AOrsta ()Mon 04:05PM CESTMon 05:05PM CEST
WIF153DH8ASandane, Anda ()Mon 04:10PM CESTMon 04:55PM CEST
NAX538B738Stavanger, Sola ()Mon 04:20PM CESTMon 05:04PM CEST
WIF332DH8CGoteborg ()Mon 04:25PM CESTMon 05:20PM CEST
NAX190B738Haugesund, Karmoy ()Mon 04:30PM CESTMon 05:13PM CEST
NAX622B738Bergen, Flesland ()Mon 05:00PM CESTMon 05:49PM CEST
SAS839B738Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Mon 05:10PM CESTMon 07:10PM CEST
NAX382B738Tromso, Langnes ()Mon 05:15PM CESTMon 07:14PM CEST
KLM1148B738Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 05:25PM CESTMon 07:15PM CEST
SAS2305B737Kristiansund, Kvernberget ()Mon 05:35PM CESTMon 06:20PM CEST
WIF193DH8AForde, Bringeland ()Mon 05:40PM CESTMon 06:32PM CEST
BEL2284RJ1HBrussels ()Mon 05:40PM CESTMon 07:45PM CEST
NAX764B738Trondheim, Vaernes ()Mon 05:40PM CESTMon 06:25PM CEST
SAS281B737Bergen, Flesland ()Mon 05:45PM CESTMon 06:26PM CEST
NAX366B738Harstad/Narvik, Evenes ()Mon 05:55PM CESTMon 07:25PM CEST
NAX414B738Alesund, Vigra ()Mon 05:55PM CESTMon 06:45PM CEST
SAS4478B738Kirkenes, Hoybuktmoen ()Mon 05:55PM CESTMon 08:00PM CEST
DTR48AT43Stord, Sorstokken ()Mon 06:00PM CESTMon 06:50PM CEST
NAX1108B738Berlin ()Mon 06:00PM CESTMon 07:25PM CEST
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