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En Route/Scheduled to ENGM Oslo, Gardermoen Airport (Oslo) [ENGM]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
NAX413B738Alesund, Vigra ()Sun 04:35PM CETSun 05:16PM CET
NAX383B738Tromso, Langnes ()Sun 05:40PM CETSun 09:42PM CET
VKG5828A333Tenerife South (Reina Sofia) ()Sun 04:05PM WETSun 10:35PM CET
WIF323DH8CGoteborg ()Mon 06:25AM CETMon 07:10AM CET
WIF51DH8ARoros ()Mon 06:15AM CETMon 07:10AM CET
WIF123DH8AFloro ()Mon 06:20AM CETMon 07:11AM CET
WIF172DH8AOrsta ()Mon 06:20AM CETMon 07:12AM CET
NAX521B738Stavanger, Sola ()Mon 06:45AM CETMon 06:57AM CETMon 07:16AM CET
NAX601B738Bergen, Flesland ()Mon 06:40AM CETMon 06:48AM CETMon 07:16AM CET
WIF186DH8AForde, Bringeland ()Mon 06:31AM CETMon 07:17AM CET
SAS339B737Trondheim, Vaernes ()Mon 06:40AM CETMon 06:44AM CETMon 07:22AM CET
NAX7122B788Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Sun 06:05PM ASTSun 06:28PM ASTMon 07:28AM CET
SAS4515B737Molde, aro ()Mon 06:50AM CETMon 06:54AM CETMon 07:29AM CET
NAX1187B738Helsinki-Vantaa ()Mon 07:10AM EETMon 07:28AM EETMon 07:34AM CET
NAX271B738Kristiansand, Kjevik ()Mon 06:55AM CETMon 07:15AM CETMon 07:38AM CET
SAS238B737Bergen, Flesland ()Mon 07:00AM CETMon 07:04AM CETMon 07:40AM CET
SAS908A333Newark Liberty Intl ()Sun 06:55PM ESTSun 07:05PM ESTMon 07:41AM CET
NAX4103B738Stockholm-Arlanda ()Mon 07:00AM CETMon 07:10AM CETMon 07:43AM CET
SAS4004B737Stavanger, Sola ()Mon 07:00AM CETMon 07:04AM CETMon 07:44AM CET
DTR41AT43Stord, Sorstokken ()Mon 06:55AM CETMon 07:45AM CET
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