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Departures: Oslo, Gardermoen Airport (Oslo) [ENGM]
Arrival Time
SAS4053B736Stavanger, Sola ()Thu 10:56PM CESTThu 11:35PM CESTThu 11:35PM CEST
NAX436B738Molde, aro ()Thu 10:44PM CESTThu 11:34PM CEST11:34PM CEST (?)
SAS299B737Bergen, Flesland ()Thu 10:42PM CESTThu 11:23PM CESTThu 11:22PM CEST
NAX550B738Stavanger, Sola ()Thu 10:33PM CESTThu 11:09PM CEST11:09PM CEST (?)
SAS2291B737Bergen, Flesland ()Thu 10:31PM CESTThu 11:11PM CESTThu 11:11PM CEST
NAX388B738Tromso, Langnes ()Thu 10:27PM CESTFri 12:03AM CESTThu 11:56PM CEST
SAS4051B738Stavanger, Sola ()Thu 10:17PM CESTThu 10:56PM CESTThu 10:56PM CEST
NAX776B738Trondheim, Vaernes ()Thu 10:15PM CESTThu 10:55PM CEST10:55PM CEST (?)
SAS1334B737Alesund, Vigra ()Thu 10:12PM CESTThu 10:54PM CESTThu 10:54PM CEST
SAS227B738Kristiansand, Kjevik ()Thu 10:11PM CESTThu 10:44PM CESTThu 10:44PM CEST
SAS382B738Trondheim, Vaernes ()Thu 10:09PM CESTThu 10:50PM CESTThu 10:50PM CEST
SAS295B738Bergen, Flesland ()Thu 10:08PM CESTThu 10:44PM CESTThu 10:44PM CEST
SAS2309B737Kristiansund, Kvernberget ()Thu 10:06PM CESTThu 10:50PM CESTThu 10:50PM CEST
BAW769A319London Heathrow ()Thu 10:05PM CESTThu 11:04PM BSTThu 11:04PM BST
SAS324B738Haugesund, Karmoy ()Thu 10:04PM CESTThu 10:45PM CESTThu 10:44PM CEST
NAX638B738Bergen, Flesland ()Thu 10:04PM CESTThu 10:42PM CESTThu 10:42PM CEST
SAS4438B737Tromso, Langnes ()Thu 10:00PM CESTThu 11:30PM CESTThu 11:30PM CEST
SAS4126B736Bodo ()Thu 09:56PM CESTThu 11:05PM CESTThu 11:05PM CEST
SAS1488B738Stockholm-Arlanda ()Thu 09:54PM CESTThu 10:36PM CESTThu 10:36PM CEST
NAX356B738Bodo ()Thu 09:50PM CESTThu 11:11PM CEST11:11PM CEST (?)
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