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Departures: Oslo, Gardermoen Airport (Oslo) [ENGM]
Arrival Time
NAX742B738Trondheim, Vaernes ()Tue 08:13AM CESTTue 08:45AM CEST
SAS251B737Bergen, Flesland ()Tue 08:12AM CESTTue 08:44AM CEST
SAS2301B737Kristiansund, Kvernberget ()Tue 08:10AM CESTTue 08:45AM CEST
SAS451A320Copenhagen ()Tue 08:06AM CESTTue 08:53AM CEST
NAX604B738Bergen, Flesland ()Tue 08:05AM CESTTue 08:33AM CEST
SAS332B738Trondheim, Vaernes ()Tue 08:05AM CESTTue 08:38AM CEST
NAX524B738Stavanger, Sola ()Tue 08:03AM CESTTue 08:32AM CEST
NAX804B738Stockholm-Arlanda ()Tue 07:57AM CESTTue 08:40AM CEST
SAS482B738Stockholm-Arlanda ()Tue 07:55AM CESTTue 08:30AM CEST
NAX402B738Alesund, Vigra ()Tue 07:53AM CESTTue 08:37AM CEST
DLH2457A320Munich Int'l ()Tue 07:48AM CESTTue 09:41AM CEST
SAS4009B737Stavanger, Sola ()Tue 07:47AM CESTTue 08:23AM CEST
NAX1102B738Berlin ()Tue 07:46AM CESTTue 08:56AM CEST
NAX932B738Copenhagen ()Tue 07:46AM CESTTue 08:33AM CEST
SAS205B737Kristiansand, Kjevik ()Tue 07:45AM CESTTue 08:18AM CEST
SAS1314B737Alesund, Vigra ()Tue 07:43AM CESTTue 08:17AM CEST
VKG835A333Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Tue 07:38AM CESTTue 11:03AM CEST
BEL2288RJ1HBrussels ()Tue 07:33AM CESTTue 09:18AM CEST
NAX1866B738Galileo Galilei (Pisa Int'l) ()Tue 07:28AM CESTTue 09:45AM CEST
VKG893A321Skiathos Island National ()Tue 07:23AM CESTTue 11:30AM EEST
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