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En Route/Scheduled to EKCH Copenhagen Airport (Copenhagen) [EKCH]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
FIN661A320Helsinki-Vantaa ()Fri 07:35AM EETFri 08:10AM CET
LGL5433DH8DLuxembourg Int'l ()Tue 06:20AM CETTue 08:11AM CET
DTR35AT72Bornholm ()Tue 08:30AM CETTue 08:55AM CET
DTR1053AT72Bornholm ()Tue 08:30AM CETTue 08:59AM CET
DTR75AT72Karup ()Tue 08:40AM CETTue 09:12AM CET
NAX3222B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Tue 09:00AM CETTue 09:41AM CET
IBK1020B738Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Tue 07:20AM CETTue 07:34AM CETTue 10:04AM CET
SAS455A320Oslo, Gardermoen ()Tue 09:15AM CETTue 09:22AM CETTue 10:07AM CET
BER8032A320Tegel Int'l ()Tue 09:00AM CETTue 09:21AM CETTue 10:08AM CET
SAS646A319Hamburg ()Tue 09:30AM CETTue 09:35AM CETTue 10:10AM CET
WOW902A320Keflavik Int'l ()Tue 06:30AM GMTTue 06:45AM GMTTue 10:24AM CET
BER8042A320Dusseldorf Int'l ()Tue 09:10AM CETTue 09:22AM CETTue 10:28AM CET
WIF264DH8DKristiansand, Kjevik ()Tue 09:35AM CETTue 10:30AM CET
THY1783A321Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Tue 08:25AM EETTue 08:51AM EETTue 10:35AM CET
IBZ103AT72Sonderborg ()Tue 10:00AM CETTue 10:37AM CET
IBZ403AT72Sonderborg ()Tue 10:00AM CETTue 10:37AM CET
BEL2257A319Brussels ()Tue 09:30AM CETTue 10:50AM CET
FLI450A320Vagar ()Tue 08:15AM WETTue 08:09AM WETTue 10:50AM CET
CTN480DH8DZagreb Pleso ()Tue 08:15AM CETTue 08:25AM CETTue 10:53AM CET
SAS403A321Stockholm-Arlanda ()Tue 09:10AM CETTue 10:03AM CETTue 10:55AM CET
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