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Departures: Copenhagen Airport (Copenhagen) [EKCH]
Arrival Time
MEA226A320Beirut Air Base/Rafic Hariri Int'l (Beirut Int'l) ()Thu 01:14AM CESTThu 05:54AM EEST
AFL2497A320Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Thu 12:21AM CESTThu 03:18AM MSK
THY1778A320Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Wed 11:23PM CESTThu 03:19AM EEST
ICE213B752Keflavik Int'l ()Wed 11:20PM CESTWed 11:35PM GMT11:35PM GMT (?)
SAS2874B738Bergen, Flesland ()Wed 11:19PM CESTThu 12:17AM CESTThu 12:17AM CEST
SAS1474B736Oslo, Gardermoen ()Wed 11:15PM CESTThu 12:04AM CESTThu 12:04AM CEST
SAS1428B737Stockholm-Arlanda ()Wed 11:09PM CESTWed 11:56PM CESTWed 11:57PM CEST
JTG2744AT72Palanga Int'l ()Wed 11:06PM CESTThu 01:20AM EESTThu 01:20AM EEST
SAS448A321Goteborg ()Wed 11:01PM CESTWed 11:26PM CESTWed 11:26PM CEST
QTR164B788Hamad Int'l ()Wed 10:56PM CESTThu 05:36AM AST
JTG1894AT72Linkoping ()Wed 10:50PM CESTWed 11:41PM CESTWed 11:41PM CEST
RYR7407B738London Luton ()Wed 10:32PM CESTWed 11:03PM BSTWed 11:03PM BST
RYR2675B738Edinburgh ()Wed 10:09PM CESTWed 10:37PM BSTWed 10:36PM BST
RYR8899B738Porto / Oporto ()Wed 09:45PM CESTThu 12:10AM WEST12:10AM WEST (+1) (?)
NAX911B738Trondheim, Vaernes ()Wed 09:41PM CESTWed 10:50PM CEST10:50PM CEST (?)
JTG1289AT72Billund ()Wed 09:35PM CESTWed 10:14PM CESTWed 10:14PM CEST
ASL405A319Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Wed 09:33PM CESTWed 11:32PM CESTWed 11:32PM CEST
RYR300B738Brussels South Charleroi ()Wed 09:20PM CESTWed 10:40PM CESTWed 10:34PM CEST
SAS995A343Beijing Capital Int'l ()Wed 09:17PM CESTThu 11:48AM CST
EZY2452A319London Luton ()Wed 09:15PM CESTWed 09:59PM BSTWed 09:55PM BST
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