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Arrivals: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) [EHAM]
SVA933Near AlexandriaFri 06:05AM EETFri 08:58AM CET
TRA32ANear BarcelonaFri 10:35AM CETFri 12:18PM CET
TRA5754Near Faro / Algarve Int. FaroFri 09:30PM WETSat 01:22AM CET
CAO1035Near EeldeSat 07:39AM CETSat 08:02AM CET
DNM7952MoD Saint Athan ()Sat 11:10AM GMTSat 01:13PM CET
GIA89London Gatwick ()Sat 12:11PM GMTSat 01:53PM CET
OHY371Near PragueSat 01:05PM CETSat 02:12PM CET
ABW623Domodedovo Int'l ()Sat 02:40PM MSKSat 03:38PM CET
EZS1353Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Sun 07:31AM CETSun 09:20AM CET
CAO1037Near Cherepovetsky District, Vologda OblastSun 09:45AM GSTSun 09:51AM CET
TRA412PNear NaplesSun 11:27AM CETSun 01:50PM CET
EZS1043Bale Mulhouse ()Sun 12:27PM CETSun 02:49PM CET
OHY371Near IstanbulSun 01:09PM EETSun 03:38PM CET
EZS1357Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Sun 06:58PM CETSun 08:29PM CET
GIA89London Gatwick ()Mon 11:53AM GMTMon 01:36PM CET
EZS1355Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Mon 03:27PM CETMon 04:49PM CET
ABW251Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Tue 12:45PM MSKTue 01:46PM CET
TRA442Near Heraklion (Iraklion), CreteTue 07:41PM EETTue 10:21PM CET
YZR7473Near EeldeTue 10:36PM CETTue 11:01PM CET
GIA89London Gatwick ()Wed 11:37AM GMTWed 01:22PM CET
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