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Arrivals: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) [EHAM]
KLM1784B738Hamburg ()Wed 06:48PM CESTWed 07:31PM CEST
KLM1432B738Birmingham Int'l ()Wed 05:46PM BSTWed 07:32PM CEST
BAW2762A320London Gatwick ()Wed 05:42PM BSTWed 07:27PM CEST
EZY3005A319London Stansted ()Wed 05:41PM BSTWed 07:23PM CEST
KLM920F70Southampton ()Wed 05:36PM BSTWed 07:22PM CEST
KLM1732E190Brussels ()Wed 06:36PM CESTWed 07:05PM CEST
KLM1022B737London Heathrow ()Wed 05:34PM BSTWed 07:20PM CEST
KLM1512F70Norwich Int'l ()Wed 05:32PM BSTWed 07:06PM CEST
KLM1746E170Luxembourg Int'l ()Wed 06:28PM CESTWed 07:19PM CEST
KLM1498F70Humberside ()Wed 05:26PM BSTWed 07:14PM CEST
KLM1912F70Hanover/Langenhagen Int'l ()Wed 06:25PM CESTWed 07:11PM CEST
KLM1862F70Dusseldorf Int'l ()Wed 06:20PM CESTWed 06:50PM CEST
KLM1758F70Bremen ()Wed 06:17PM CESTWed 06:54PM CEST
CFE8459E190London City ()Wed 05:16PM BSTWed 06:54PM CEST
KLM1536F70Durham Tees Valley ()Wed 05:15PM BSTWed 07:05PM CEST
KLM1810F70Dresden Klotzsche ()Wed 06:13PM CESTWed 07:27PM CEST
SWR734A321Zurich (Kloten) ()Wed 06:13PM CESTWed 07:28PM CEST
KLM1772E190Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 06:07PM CESTWed 06:57PM CEST
EZY6167A319Bristol Int'l ()Wed 05:06PM BSTWed 06:57PM CEST
GWI7186A319Hamburg ()Wed 06:04PM CESTWed 06:46PM CEST
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