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Arrivals: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) [EHAM]
KLM1050E170Bristol Int'l ()Sat 09:21AM BSTSat 11:13AM CEST
KLM954E170Newcastle ()Sat 09:32AM BSTSat 11:23AM CEST
KLM1764E190Frankfurt Int'l ()Sat 10:37AM CESTSat 11:24AM CEST
KLM1198E170Stavanger, Sola ()Sat 10:16AM CESTSat 11:26AM CEST
KLM1884E190Nuremberg ()Sat 10:31AM CESTSat 11:33AM CEST
KLM1414E190Lyon ()Sat 10:16AM CESTSat 11:37AM CEST
KLM1986E190Basle-Mulhouse ()Sat 10:44AM CESTSat 11:48AM CEST
KLM1904E190Hanover/Langenhagen Int'l ()Sat 11:08AM CESTSat 11:50AM CEST
KLM1296E190Bordeaux-Merignac ()Sat 10:35AM CESTSat 12:00PM CEST
KLM1870E190Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Sat 11:16AM CESTSat 12:21PM CEST
KLM1302E190Toulouse-Blagnac ()Sat 11:05AM CESTSat 12:39PM CEST
KLM1208E170Kristiansand, Kjevik ()Sat 11:36AM CESTSat 12:42PM CEST
KLM1334E170Aalborg ()Sat 11:43AM CESTSat 12:47PM CEST
KLM1200E170Stavanger, Sola ()Sat 11:42AM CESTSat 12:53PM CEST
KLM958E170Newcastle ()Sat 11:02AM BSTSat 12:54PM CEST
KLM1856E190Dusseldorf Int'l ()Sat 12:31PM CESTSat 12:59PM CEST
RLA1030E145Rennes ()Sat 11:57AM CESTSat 01:07PM CEST
KLM1640E190Amerigo Vespucci (Florence) ()Sat 11:34AM CESTSat 01:18PM CEST
RLA1792CRJ7Nantes Atlantique ()Sat 12:14PM CESTSat 01:29PM CEST
KLM1424E190Birmingham Int'l ()Sat 11:48AM BSTSat 01:29PM CEST
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