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Departures: RAF Northolt Airport (Ruislip, England) [EGWU]
Arrival Time
9H-VCKBerne ()Sat 02:54PM GMTSat 05:12PM CETSat 05:12PM CET
GMA432Paris Le Bourget ()Sat 09:52AM GMTSat 11:44AM CETSat 11:44AM CET
NJE055BBerne ()Sat 08:59AM GMTSat 11:29AM CETSat 11:29AM CET
NJE788PVienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Fri 05:36PM GMTFri 08:41PM CETFri 08:41PM CET
9H-VCOMarseille FIR ()Fri 05:24PM GMTFri 08:15PM CETFri 08:15PM CET
VP-BRABasle-Mulhouse ()Fri 04:33PM GMTFri 06:48PM CETFri 06:48PM CET
BZE7BGraz (Thalerhof) ()Fri 02:44PM GMTFri 05:36PM CETFri 05:36PM CET
NJE216PZurich (Kloten) ()Fri 03:03PM GMTFri 05:26PM CETFri 05:26PM CET
M-ISTYGeneva Cointrin Int'l ()Fri 12:21PM GMTFri 02:45PM CETFri 02:45PM CET
AYY151Cologne Bonn ()Fri 10:34AM GMTFri 12:28PM CETFri 12:28PM CET
VJT617Berne ()Fri 09:41AM GMTFri 12:25PM CETFri 12:25PM CET
SVW29VMGeneva Cointrin Int'l ()Fri 09:25AM GMTFri 11:45AM CETFri 11:45AM CET
N717MKGL5TMunich Int'l ()Thu 06:52PM GMTThu 09:49PM CETThu 09:17PM CET
M-USIKNice Cote d'Azur ()Thu 04:34PM GMTThu 07:07PM CETThu 07:07PM CET
N945TMF900Lyon Bron ()Thu 11:52AM GMTThu 02:40PM CETThu 02:01PM CET
AAB585Kortrijk-Wevelgem Int'l ()Thu 11:46AM GMTThu 01:34PM CETThu 01:34PM CET
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