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Departures: Leeds Bradford Int'l Airport (West Yorkshire, England) [EGNM]
Arrival Time
BEE738DH8DGeorge Best Belfast City ()Wed 08:25PM GMTWed 09:10PM GMTWed 09:08PM GMT
BAW1345A319London Heathrow ()Wed 07:41PM GMTWed 08:20PM GMTWed 08:20PM GMT
RYR157B738Dublin Int'l ()Wed 07:31PM GMTWed 08:13PM GMTWed 08:08PM GMT
LOG6985SF34Glasgow Int'l ()Wed 07:06PM GMTWed 08:11PM GMTWed 07:56PM GMT
RYR9079B738Alicante ()Wed 06:04PM GMTWed 09:12PM CETWed 09:02PM CET
KLM1550E170Amsterdam Schiphol ()Wed 05:48PM GMTWed 07:42PM CETWed 07:42PM CET
EXS205B733Amsterdam Schiphol ()Wed 04:35PM GMTWed 06:25PM CETWed 06:25PM CET
BEE736DH8DGeorge Best Belfast City ()Wed 04:20PM GMTWed 05:05PM GMTWed 05:04PM GMT
EXS347B733Dusseldorf Int'l ()Wed 04:07PM GMTWed 06:28PM CET06:28PM CET (?)
RYR2446B738Malaga ()Wed 03:37PM GMTWed 07:07PM CETWed 06:57PM CET
BAW1343A319London Heathrow ()Wed 03:21PM GMTWed 04:02PM GMTWed 04:02PM GMT
BEE732DH8DGeorge Best Belfast City ()Wed 11:48AM GMTWed 12:36PM GMTWed 12:35PM GMT
KLM1546E170Amsterdam Schiphol ()Wed 10:17AM GMTWed 12:03PM CETWed 12:03PM CET
EZE4714JS41Aberdeen ()Wed 10:12AM GMTWed 11:21AM GMTWed 11:20AM GMT
RYR1503B738Gdansk Lech Walesa ()Wed 09:36AM GMTWed 12:33PM CETWed 12:23PM CET
BAW1347A319London Heathrow ()Wed 09:35AM GMTWed 10:35AM GMTWed 10:35AM GMT
BEE730DH8DGeorge Best Belfast City ()Wed 09:05AM GMTWed 10:40AM GMTWed 09:53AM GMT
LOG6981SF34Glasgow Int'l ()Wed 08:51AM GMTWed 09:56AM GMTWed 09:43AM GMT
RYR1584B738El Matorral ()Wed 07:09AM GMTWed 10:55AM WETWed 10:45AM WET
EZE4712JS41Aberdeen ()Wed 07:00AM GMTWed 08:15AM GMTWed 08:14AM GMT
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