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Departures: London City Airport (London, England) [EGLC]
Arrival Time
CLH935E190Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 05:39PM GMTMon 08:04PM CET
BEE1308DH8DExeter Int'l ()Mon 05:25PM GMTMon 06:25PM GMT
CFE8724E190Glasgow Int'l ()Mon 05:21PM GMTMon 06:23PM GMT
BEE1358DH8DGeorge Best Belfast City ()Mon 05:20PM GMTMon 06:40PM GMT
CFE8738E170Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 05:13PM GMTMon 07:14PM CET
BCY123RJ85Dublin Int'l ()Mon 05:11PM GMTMon 06:25PM GMT
CAT221E190Linate ()Mon 05:01PM GMTMon 07:26PM CET
CFE2212E190Glasgow Int'l ()Mon 04:31PM GMTMon 05:38PM GMTMon 05:38PM GMT
BCY121RJ85Dublin Int'l ()Mon 04:17PM GMTMon 05:33PM GMTMon 05:27PM GMT
CFE8706E190Edinburgh ()Mon 04:13PM GMTMon 05:17PM GMTMon 05:17PM GMT
BAW3A318Shannon ()Mon 03:56PM GMTMon 05:05PM GMTMon 05:05PM GMT
CFE8767E190Zurich (Kloten) ()Mon 03:50PM GMTMon 05:59PM CETMon 05:59PM CET
BEE1356DH8DGeorge Best Belfast City ()Mon 03:46PM GMTMon 05:08PM GMTMon 05:06PM GMT
BEE1338DH8DEdinburgh ()Mon 03:40PM GMTMon 04:55PM GMTMon 04:45PM GMT
CFE8455E170Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 03:34PM GMTMon 05:17PM CETMon 05:17PM CET
BCY77RJ85Rotterdam ()Mon 03:05PM GMTMon 04:46PM CETMon 04:44PM CET
CFE4466E190Dublin Int'l ()Mon 03:02PM GMTMon 04:03PM GMTMon 04:03PM GMT
CFE8734E190Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 03:00PM GMTMon 05:01PM CETMon 05:01PM CET
BCY185RJ85Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 02:59PM GMTMon 04:54PM CET04:54PM CET (?)
BCY23RJ85Paris Orly ()Mon 02:48PM GMTMon 04:52PM CETMon 04:47PM CET
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