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En Route/Scheduled to EGKK London Gatwick Airport (London, England) [EGKK]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
EZY8463A320Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Sun 09:55AM CESTSun 10:15AM BST
AEY371737Naples Int'l (Capodichino) ()Sun 08:35AM CESTSun 10:16AM BST
EZY8432A319Basle-Mulhouse ()Sun 10:55AM CESTSun 11:25AM BST
IBE7640A320Barcelona Int'l ()Sun 01:00PM CESTSun 02:05PM BST
IBK2751B738Berlin ()Sun 01:30PM CESTSun 02:11PM BST
MON221Son Bonet Aerodrome ()Sun 12:20PM CESTSun 02:40PM BST
EZY8475A319Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Sun 04:00PM CESTSun 04:30PM BST
IBK2921B738Aalborg ()Sun 06:20PM CESTSun 07:53PM BST
IBK2909B738Copenhagen ()Sun 06:55PM CESTSun 07:55PM BST
EZY8481A320Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Sun 07:10PM CESTSun 08:05PM BST
MON227Son Bonet Aerodrome ()Sun 07:35PM CESTSun 09:22PM BST
BAW2733A320Arrecife (Lanzarote) ()Sun 06:40PM WESTSun 10:25PM BST
WZZ3031A321Bucharest Henri Coandă Int'l ()Sun 07:40PM EESTSun 10:46PM BST
GMI8877B737Aktion National (Lefkada) ()Sun 10:15PM EESTSun 11:50PM BST
MON1725Lisbon/Lisboa, Portela ()Sun 09:15PM WESTMon 12:07AM BST
EZY8708A320Tenerife South (Reina Sofia) ()Sun 08:05PM WESTMon 12:26AM BST
EZY8430A320Basle-Mulhouse ()Mon 07:00AM CESTMon 07:06AM BST
EZY8463A320Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Mon 07:00AM CESTMon 07:12AM BST
EZS8463A320Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Mon 07:00AM CESTMon 07:03AM CESTMon 07:12AM BST
EZS8430Basle-Mulhouse ()Mon 07:00AM CESTMon 06:51AM CESTMon 07:18AM BST
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