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Scheduled Departures: Turku Airport (Turku) [EFTU]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
WBA222AT72Helsinki-Vantaa ()Tue 11:15AM EESTTue 11:44AM EEST
WBA224AT72Helsinki-Vantaa ()Tue 02:55PM EESTTue 03:24PM EEST
WBA224AT72Helsinki-Vantaa ()Mon 02:55PM EESTMon 03:24PM EEST
WBA226AT72Helsinki-Vantaa ()Mon 05:10PM EESTMon 05:39PM EEST
WBA222AT72Helsinki-Vantaa ()Mon 11:15AM EESTMon 11:44AM EEST
WBA230AT72Helsinki-Vantaa ()Mon 06:15AM EESTMon 06:44AM EEST
WBA230AT72Helsinki-Vantaa ()Tue 06:15AM EESTTue 06:44AM EEST
WBA226AT72Helsinki-Vantaa ()Tue 05:10PM EESTTue 05:39PM EEST
NTJ823SF34Mariehamn ()Mon 04:00PM EESTMon 04:25PM EEST
NTJ823SF34Mariehamn ()Tue 04:00PM EESTTue 04:25PM EEST
WZZ1752A320Gdansk Lech Walesa ()Mon 09:10AM EESTMon 09:25AM CEST
BCY2725CRJ9Stockholm-Arlanda ()Tue 04:25PM EESTTue 04:02PM CEST
BCY2727CRJ9Stockholm-Arlanda ()Tue 08:40PM EESTTue 08:13PM CEST
BEE2721AT72Stockholm-Arlanda ()Tue 10:45AM EESTTue 10:30AM CEST
BEE2729AT72Stockholm-Arlanda ()Tue 06:40AM EESTTue 06:21AM CEST
SAS2725B736Stockholm-Arlanda ()Mon 04:40PM EESTMon 04:17PM CEST
SAS2729B737Stockholm-Arlanda ()Mon 06:40AM EESTMon 06:13AM CEST
BEE2721AT72Stockholm-Arlanda ()Mon 10:45AM EESTMon 10:30AM CEST
BCY2727CRJ9Stockholm-Arlanda ()Mon 08:40PM EESTMon 08:13PM CEST
BTI360DH8DRiga Int'l ()Tue 05:35AM EESTTue 06:30AM EEST
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