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Departures: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (Vantaa) [EFHK]
Arrival Time
FIN361A320Oulu ()Tue 12:37AM EESTTue 01:22AM EESTTue 01:22AM EEST
FIN81A343Singapore Changi ()Tue 12:11AM EESTTue 04:07PM SGT
WBA117E190Tallinn ()Mon 11:55PM EESTTue 12:15AM EESTTue 12:15AM EEST
WBA229AT72Turku ()Mon 11:50PM EESTTue 12:18AM EESTTue 12:18AM EEST
WBA329E190Vaasa ()Mon 11:49PM EESTTue 12:24AM EESTTue 12:24AM EEST
WBA499AT72Joensuu ()Mon 11:47PM EESTTue 12:39AM EESTTue 12:39AM EEST
WBA269AT72Tampere-Pirkkala ()Mon 11:45PM EESTTue 12:11AM EESTTue 12:11AM EEST
WBA519AT72Kuopio ()Mon 11:42PM EESTTue 12:30AM EESTTue 12:30AM EEST
FIN735A321Malaga ()Mon 09:42PM EESTTue 12:51AM CESTTue 12:51AM CEST
WBA267AT72Tampere-Pirkkala ()Mon 09:40PM EESTMon 10:07PM EESTMon 10:07PM EEST
IBK114B738Oulu ()Mon 09:12PM EESTMon 10:17PM EESTMon 10:01PM EEST
AFL2201A320Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Mon 09:08PM EESTMon 10:22PM MSKMon 10:22PM MSK
WBA227AT72Turku ()Mon 09:02PM EESTMon 09:28PM EESTMon 09:28PM EEST
FIN517A319Kuopio ()Mon 08:47PM EESTMon 09:20PM EESTMon 09:20PM EEST
FIN649A319Stockholm-Arlanda ()Mon 08:34PM EESTMon 08:19PM CESTMon 08:19PM CEST
WBA115AT72Tallinn ()Mon 08:32PM EESTMon 08:54PM EESTMon 08:54PM EEST
SAS1725A320Copenhagen ()Mon 08:30PM EESTMon 08:52PM CESTMon 08:51PM CEST
FIN439A320Rovaniemi ()Mon 08:28PM EESTMon 09:31PM EESTMon 09:31PM EEST
WBA483AT72Joensuu ()Mon 08:18PM EESTMon 09:09PM EESTMon 09:09PM EEST
FIN797A320Ben Gurion Int'l ()Mon 08:13PM EESTTue 12:30AM IDTTue 12:30AM IDT
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