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Departures: Tegel Int'l Airport (Berlin) [EDDT]
Arrival Time
GWI3001Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Thu 12:26AM CESTThu 01:24AM CESTThu 01:24AM CEST
EIN339A320Dublin Int'l ()Wed 10:57PM CESTWed 11:58PM ISTWed 11:58PM IST
BER7494A332Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Wed 10:49PM CESTThu 06:31AM +04Thu 06:31AM +04
BER8380A320Ben Gurion Int'l ()Wed 10:47PM CESTThu 03:22AM IDTThu 03:22AM IDT
BER3546A320Keflavik Int'l ()Wed 10:33PM CESTWed 11:41PM GMTWed 11:41PM GMT
BER8700A320Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Wed 10:30PM CESTThu 12:11AM CESTThu 12:10AM CEST
QTR78A333Hamad Int'l ()Wed 10:25PM CESTThu 04:44AM +03Thu 04:44AM +03
BER6425DH8DNuremberg ()Wed 10:22PM CESTWed 11:12PM CESTWed 11:12PM CEST
BER8030A320Copenhagen ()Wed 10:19PM CESTWed 10:58PM CESTWed 10:58PM CEST
THY1748A321Ordu-Giresun Airport ()Wed 10:17PM CESTThu 02:20AM +03Thu 02:20AM +03
BER6601A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 10:15PM CESTWed 11:02PM CESTWed 11:02PM CEST
BER6480DH8DSaarbrucken ()Wed 10:10PM CESTWed 11:25PM CESTWed 11:24PM CEST
BTI2H6Kaunas Int'l ()Wed 10:09PM CESTThu 12:20AM EESTThu 12:20AM EEST
BER6521AT43Cologne Bonn ()Wed 10:06PM CESTWed 11:16PM CESTWed 11:16PM CEST
BER8200DH8DKrakow Int'l ()Wed 10:02PM CESTWed 11:05PM CESTWed 11:05PM CEST
BER8574A320Zurich (Kloten) ()Wed 10:00PM CESTWed 11:02PM CESTWed 11:02PM CEST
BER8060A320Goteborg ()Wed 09:59PM CESTWed 10:57PM CESTWed 10:57PM CEST
BER8070A320Helsinki-Vantaa ()Wed 09:57PM CESTThu 12:28AM EESTThu 12:28AM EEST
BER6453A320Dusseldorf Int'l ()Wed 09:55PM CESTWed 10:49PM CESTWed 10:49PM CEST
BER6211A320Munich Int'l ()Wed 09:53PM CESTWed 10:46PM CESTWed 10:46PM CEST
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