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Departures: Tegel Int'l Airport (Berlin) [EDDT]
Arrival Time
DLH2049A320Munich Int'l ()Mon 08:00PM CETMon 08:50PM CET
DLH201A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 07:57PM CETMon 08:44PM CET
BTI214B735Riga Int'l ()Mon 07:44PM CETMon 10:00PM EET
BER8572A320Zurich (Kloten) ()Mon 07:29PM CETMon 08:34PM CET
DLH169A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 07:23PM CETMon 08:09PM CET
BER6207A320Munich Int'l ()Mon 07:21PM CETMon 08:27PM CET
THY1724A321Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Mon 07:16PM CETMon 10:46PM EET
GWI8006A319Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Mon 07:11PM CETMon 07:46PM CETMon 07:55PM CET
OAW971E190Zurich (Kloten) ()Mon 07:09PM CETMon 08:10PM CET
SAS2680B737Stockholm-Arlanda ()Mon 07:07PM CETMon 08:21PM CET
BER8412A321Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Mon 07:06PM CETMon 08:11PM CETMon 07:54PM CET
DLH2047A320Munich Int'l ()Mon 07:01PM CETMon 07:48PM CETMon 07:49PM CET
BER6449A320Dusseldorf Int'l ()Mon 07:00PM CETMon 07:55PM CETMon 07:50PM CET
DLH199A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 06:56PM CETMon 07:40PM CETMon 07:39PM CET
GWI8046A319Dusseldorf Int'l ()Mon 06:52PM CETMon 07:41PM CETMon 07:40PM CET
KLM1834B738Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 06:43PM CETMon 07:43PM CETMon 07:43PM CET
BER105Hanover/Langenhagen Int'l ()Mon 06:41PM CETMon 07:09PM CETMon 07:09PM CET
GWI8054A319Cologne Bonn ()Mon 06:41PM CETMon 07:36PM CETMon 07:36PM CET
BEL2588A320Brussels ()Mon 06:36PM CETMon 07:39PM CETMon 07:38PM CET
BER8308A320Paris Orly ()Mon 06:34PM CETMon 08:10PM CETMon 07:58PM CET
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