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Arrivals: Tegel Int'l Airport (Berlin) [EDDT]
DLH2054A319Munich Int'l ()Wed 09:55PM CESTWed 10:40PM CEST
GWI8055A320Cologne Bonn ()Wed 09:44PM CESTWed 10:29PM CEST
DLH2052A321Munich Int'l ()Wed 09:38PM CESTWed 10:20PM CEST
GWI8465A319London Heathrow ()Wed 08:34PM BSTWed 10:50PM CEST
BAW988A320London Heathrow ()Wed 08:33PM BSTWed 10:58PM CEST
DLH202A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 09:33PM CESTWed 10:19PM CEST
GWI8405A319Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Wed 09:31PM CESTWed 10:44PM CEST
BER8575A320Zurich (Kloten) ()Wed 09:31PM CESTWed 10:30PM CEST
BER8309B738Paris Orly ()Wed 09:19PM CESTWed 10:36PM CEST
GWI8047A319Dusseldorf Int'l ()Wed 09:08PM CESTWed 09:55PM CEST
BER6452B738Dusseldorf Int'l ()Wed 09:05PM CESTWed 09:54PM CEST
AFR1134A320Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Wed 09:03PM CESTWed 10:16PM CEST
BEL2591A319Brussels ()Wed 09:01PM CESTWed 10:03PM CEST
GWI8007A319Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Wed 08:56PM CESTWed 09:46PM CEST
BER8707B738Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Wed 08:54PM CESTWed 10:33PM CEST
BER6208B738Munich Int'l ()Wed 08:51PM CESTWed 09:37PM CEST
SWR962A321Zurich (Kloten) ()Wed 08:49PM CESTWed 09:51PM CEST
BER6560A320Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Wed 08:49PM CESTWed 09:41PM CEST
BER6520B738Cologne Bonn ()Wed 08:46PM CESTWed 09:29PM CEST
AUA273A320Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Wed 08:33PM CESTWed 09:27PM CEST
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