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En Route/Scheduled to EDDS Stuttgart Echterdingen Airport (Stuttgart) [EDDS]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
SXD4874B738Marsa Alam Int'l ()Sun 03:30PM EETSun 07:51PM CET
SXS790B738Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Mon 03:40AM EETMon 06:07AM CET
SXS760B738Kayseri Erkilet Int'l ()Fri 04:25AM EETFri 04:07AM EETFri 05:55AM CET
BER6651A320Hamburg ()Fri 06:30AM CETFri 07:35AM CET
BER6832DH8DDusseldorf Int'l ()Fri 06:45AM CETFri 07:35AM CET
AUA1164DH8DZurich (Kloten) ()Fri 07:05AM CETFri 07:42AM CET
EWG4110A320Hamburg ()Fri 06:40AM CETFri 07:45AM CET
GWI8000A319Tegel Int'l ()Fri 06:40AM CETFri 07:45AM CET
DLH126A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Fri 07:15AM CETFri 07:48AM CET
ASL340B733Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Fri 06:50AM CETFri 08:25AM CET
AUA177A319Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Fri 07:15AM CETFri 08:25AM CET
CLH2144CRJ9Munich Int'l ()Fri 08:05AM CETFri 08:42AM CET
GWI2031A320Bremen ()Fri 08:00AM CETFri 08:55AM CET
GWI2025A319Dresden Klotzsche ()Fri 08:15AM CETFri 09:05AM CET
DAL116B763Hartsfield-Jackson Intl ()Thu 06:17PM ESTThu 06:31PM ESTFri 09:09AM CET
GWI2053A319Hanover/Langenhagen Int'l ()Fri 08:20AM CETFri 09:10AM CET
GWI2821A319Malpensa Int'l ()Fri 08:25AM CETFri 09:15AM CET
BER6535B737Tegel Int'l ()Fri 08:15AM CETFri 09:20AM CET
GWI2075A319Leipzig/Halle ()Fri 08:30AM CETFri 09:20AM CET
GWI2161A319Brussels ()Fri 08:35AM CETFri 09:30AM CET
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