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Departures: Munich Int'l Airport (Munich) [EDDM]
Arrival Time
EZY5386A319London Gatwick ()Fri 11:51PM CESTSat 12:19AM BST
DLH722A346Beijing Capital Int'l ()Fri 11:33PM CESTSat 05:45PM CST
AFL2595A320Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Fri 11:19PM CESTSat 02:49AM MSK
DLH680A321Ben Gurion Int'l ()Fri 11:05PM CESTSat 03:16AM IDT
ETD4A346Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Fri 10:52PM CESTSat 06:22AM GST
UAE52A388Dubai Int'l ()Fri 10:51PM CESTSat 06:29AM GST
DLH504A346São Paulo-Guarulhos Int'l ()Fri 10:49PM CESTSat 05:22AM BRT
DLH730A346Hong Kong Int'l ()Fri 10:39PM CESTSat 03:12PM HKT
DLH520A346Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Fri 10:38PM CESTSat 03:23AM CDT
CLH1666CRJ9Sibiu Int'l ()Fri 10:36PM CESTSat 01:01AM EESTSat 01:01AM EEST
DLH726A346Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Fri 10:29PM CESTSat 02:37PM CST
EZY6914A319Edinburgh ()Fri 10:23PM CESTFri 11:24PM BSTFri 11:18PM BST
CLH2402CRJ9Bale Mulhouse ()Fri 10:17PM CESTFri 10:58PM CESTFri 10:58PM CEST
DLH1682A320Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Fri 10:16PM CESTFri 11:06PM CESTFri 11:06PM CEST
DLH1626A320Krakow Int'l ()Fri 10:15PM CESTFri 11:13PM CESTFri 11:13PM CEST
DLA8212E190Verona (Villafranca Int'l, Valerio Catullo) ()Fri 10:14PM CESTFri 10:30PM CEST10:30PM CEST (?)
CLH1672E190Cluj-Napoca Int'l (Someşeni) ()Fri 10:12PM CESTSat 12:30AM EESTSat 12:30AM EEST
DLH2484A319London Heathrow ()Fri 10:11PM CESTFri 10:48PM BSTFri 10:48PM BST
DLA1902E190Turin Int'l (Torino Caselle) ()Fri 10:11PM CESTFri 11:10PM CESTFri 11:10PM CEST
CLH1640CRJ9Poznań-Ławica ()Fri 10:08PM CESTFri 11:02PM CESTFri 11:02PM CEST
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