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Departures: Dusseldorf Int'l Airport (Dusseldorf) [EDDL]
Arrival Time
BER7622A321Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Fri 09:19AM CETFri 11:34AM CET
GMI3980B737Hurghada ()Fri 09:17AM CETFri 02:57PM EET
AUA202F70Graz (Thalerhof) ()Fri 09:15AM CETFri 10:30AM CET
BER2346A321Gran Canaria Int'l ()Fri 09:06AM CETFri 12:41PM WET
BER8582A320Zurich (Kloten) ()Fri 09:03AM CETFri 10:13AM CET
BER3672A320La Palma ()Fri 09:02AM CETFri 12:37PM WET
BER2310A320Arrecife (Lanzarote) ()Fri 08:55AM CETFri 12:20PM WET
AZA417A320Linate ()Fri 08:54AM CETFri 10:03AM CET
BER2050A321Tenerife South (Reina Sofia) ()Fri 08:50AM CETFri 12:25PM WET
DLH7532AFrankfurt Int'l ()Fri 08:42AM CETFri 09:11AM CETFri 09:11AM CET
HHN330C500Luxembourg Int'l ()Fri 08:37AM CETFri 09:05AM CETFri 09:02AM CET
DLH2003A320Munich Int'l ()Fri 08:36AM CETFri 09:30AM CET
GWI7061A320Hamburg ()Fri 08:32AM CETFri 09:00AM CET09:00AM CET (?)
BER8042A319Copenhagen ()Fri 08:27AM CETFri 09:47AM CET
BER6434A321Tegel Int'l ()Fri 08:26AM CETFri 09:36AM CET
BER6742A320Hamburg ()Fri 08:23AM CETFri 09:23AM CETFri 09:08AM CET
GWI8041A319Tegel Int'l ()Fri 08:23AM CETFri 09:03AM CETFri 09:15AM CET
IBE3137A319Barajas Int'l ()Fri 08:12AM CETFri 10:17AM CET
THY1530A321Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Fri 07:50AM CETFri 11:24AM EET
DLH2025A321Munich Int'l ()Fri 07:37AM CETFri 08:26AM CETFri 08:26AM CET
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