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Departures: Cologne Bonn Airport (Cologne/Bonn) [EDDK]
Arrival Time
RYR8036B738Dublin Int'l ()Sun 10:42PM CETSun 11:10PM GMT
RYR2815B738London Stansted ()Sun 10:24PM CETSun 10:17PM GMTSun 10:17PM GMT
EZY5378A319London Gatwick ()Sun 10:04PM CETSun 10:09PM GMTSun 10:05PM GMT
RYR2508B738Barcelona Int'l ()Sun 09:25PM CETSun 11:16PM CET11:16PM CET (?)
GWI8055A320Tegel Int'l ()Sun 09:07PM CETSun 09:48PM CETSun 09:46PM CET
GWI7037A319Hamburg ()Sun 09:06PM CETSun 09:50PM CETSun 09:40PM CET
RYR180B738Berlin ()Sun 08:46PM CETSun 09:31PM CETSun 09:31PM CET
CLH1995E190Munich Int'l ()Sun 08:44PM CETSun 09:36PM CETSun 09:36PM CET
BER6520A321Tegel Int'l ()Sun 08:23PM CETSun 09:08PM CETSun 09:10PM CET
AUA196E190Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Sun 08:09PM CETSun 09:17PM CETSun 09:17PM CET
RYR1404B738Modlin ()Sun 08:07PM CETSun 09:30PM CETSun 09:25PM CET
GWI356A320London Stansted ()Sun 07:56PM CETSun 07:48PM GMTSun 07:47PM GMT
CLH1993E190Munich Int'l ()Sun 07:44PM CETSun 08:34PM CETSun 08:34PM CET
GWI468A319London Heathrow ()Sun 07:34PM CETSun 07:36PM GMTSun 07:36PM GMT
RYR409B738Copenhagen ()Sun 07:24PM CETSun 08:16PM CET08:16PM CET (?)
GWI762A319Zurich (Kloten) ()Sun 07:09PM CETSun 08:06PM CETSun 08:02PM CET
SXS115B738Antalya ()Sun 07:07PM CETSun 11:16PM EETSun 11:16PM EET
BER6516B737Tegel Int'l ()Sun 07:03PM CETSun 07:52PM CETSun 07:52PM CET
GWI814A320Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Sun 06:56PM CETSun 08:08PM CETSun 07:58PM CET
BER6125B738Munich Int'l ()Sun 06:50PM CETSun 07:41PM CETSun 07:41PM CET
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