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Arrivals: Cologne Bonn Airport (Cologne/Bonn) [EDDK]
THY1671A320Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Mon 09:02AM EETMon 11:14AM CET
BER6114B737Munich Int'l ()Mon 10:16AM CETMon 11:07AM CET
BER6497B738Tegel Int'l ()Mon 10:00AM CETMon 10:51AM CET
GWI789A319Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Mon 08:59AM CETMon 10:45AM CET
BMS121B734Bucharest Henri Coandă Int'l ()Mon 08:57AM EETMon 10:37AM CET
GWI25A320Tegel Int'l ()Mon 09:43AM CETMon 10:30AM CET
GWI757A319Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Mon 09:09AM CETMon 10:26AM CET
KLM1807F70Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 09:49AM CETMon 10:23AM CET
GWI355A319London Stansted ()Mon 08:29AM GMTMon 10:10AM CET
GWI7038A320Hamburg ()Mon 09:33AM CETMon 10:07AM CET
GWI825A319Malpensa Int'l ()Mon 09:00AM CETMon 10:04AM CET
CLH1984E190Munich Int'l ()Mon 09:02AM CETMon 09:52AM CET
GWI765A319Zurich (Kloten) ()Mon 08:52AM CETMon 09:43AM CET
DLH1982A320Munich Int'l ()Mon 08:52AM CETMon 09:41AM CET
BER6112B738Munich Int'l ()Mon 08:49AM CETMon 09:38AM CET
RYR183B738Berlin ()Mon 08:29AM CETMon 09:28AM CET
AUA191F100Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Mon 07:52AM CETMon 09:26AM CET
GWI33A320Hamburg ()Mon 08:50AM CETMon 09:23AM CET
GWI27A319Dresden Klotzsche ()Mon 08:22AM CETMon 09:16AM CET
GWI13A320Tegel Int'l ()Mon 08:15AM CETMon 09:15AM CET
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