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En Route/Scheduled to EDDB Berlin Airport (Berlin) [EDDB]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
EZY4636A319Basle-Mulhouse ()Tue 03:00PM CETTue 04:22PM CET
RYR137B738Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi) ()Tue 01:40PM CETTue 02:59PM CETTue 04:25PM CET
EZS4636A319Basle-Mulhouse ()Tue 03:00PM CETTue 03:03PM CETTue 04:28PM CET
RYR1571B738Vilnius Int'l ()Tue 04:35PM EETTue 04:51PM EETTue 04:56PM CET
EZY4628A320Newcastle ()Tue 02:20PM GMTTue 02:27PM GMTTue 05:10PM CET
RYR1102B738El Matorral ()Tue 11:10AM WETTue 11:19AM WETTue 05:12PM CET
EZY4784A320Ben Gurion Int'l ()Tue 01:10PM ISTTue 01:54PM ISTTue 05:19PM CET
EZY4558A319Copenhagen ()Tue 04:30PM CETTue 05:25PM CET
EZY4624A319Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Tue 04:00PM CETTue 05:27PM CET
NAX1160B738Bergen, Flesland ()Tue 03:45PM CETTue 04:13PM CETTue 05:28PM CET
RYR8558B738Dublin Int'l ()Tue 02:20PM GMTTue 02:50PM GMTTue 05:34PM CET
RYR188B738Cologne Bonn ()Tue 04:35PM CETTue 05:40PM CET
CFG185A320Al Massira ()Tue 12:35PM WETTue 01:07PM WETTue 06:01PM CET
RYR2607B738Treviso (Sant'Angelo) ()Tue 04:45PM CETTue 06:10PM CET
RYR133B738Barcelona Int'l ()Tue 04:25PM CETTue 07:00PM CET
NAX1108B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Tue 06:00PM CETTue 07:25PM CET
EZY4265A320Paris Orly ()Tue 06:15PM CETTue 07:45PM CET
RYR2528B738Barajas Int'l ()Tue 05:00PM CETTue 07:50PM CET
EZY4676A319Malpensa Int'l ()Tue 06:40PM CETTue 08:15PM CET
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