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Departures: Brussels Airport (Brussels) [EBBR]
Arrival Time
BCY2253SU9Billund ()Fri 09:24PM CETFri 10:25PM CETFri 10:25PM CET
BEL3675A319Toulouse-Blagnac ()Fri 09:23PM CETFri 10:31PM CETFri 10:31PM CET
ANA232B788Narita Int'l ()Fri 09:20PM CETSat 04:14PM JST
BEL3603A319Marseille Provence ()Fri 09:19PM CETFri 10:35PM CETFri 10:35PM CET
LOT8178Tallinn ()Fri 09:18PM CETSat 12:33AM EETSat 12:33AM EET
KRP8178F100Tallinn ()Fri 09:18PM CETSat 12:30AM EETSat 12:30AM EET
BEL2725A320Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Fri 09:17PM CETFri 10:12PM CETFri 10:12PM CET
BEL2265A319Copenhagen ()Fri 09:16PM CETFri 10:25PM CETFri 10:25PM CET
BCS115Leipzig/Halle ()Fri 09:14PM CETFri 10:09PM CETFri 10:09PM CET
BEL2319A319Goteborg ()Fri 09:13PM CETFri 10:35PM CETFri 10:35PM CET
BMR1108E135Newcastle ()Fri 09:12PM CETFri 09:21PM GMTFri 09:18PM GMT
BEL2629A319Hamburg ()Fri 09:10PM CETFri 10:01PM CETFri 10:01PM CET
BMR2639E145Hanover/Langenhagen Int'l ()Fri 09:06PM CETFri 09:52PM CETFri 09:52PM CET
BEL2287A319Oslo, Gardermoen ()Fri 09:02PM CETFri 10:51PM CETFri 10:38PM CET
BEL3593A319Lyon ()Fri 09:01PM CETFri 09:59PM CETFri 09:59PM CET
GWI8103A320Tegel Int'l ()Fri 09:00PM CETFri 09:59PM CETFri 09:59PM CET
DLH2293A319Munich Int'l ()Fri 08:59PM CETFri 09:55PM CETFri 09:55PM CET
EZS1034Basle-Mulhouse ()Fri 08:58PM CETFri 09:44PM CETFri 09:44PM CET
BEL3715A319Bilbao ()Fri 08:55PM CETFri 10:27PM CETFri 10:27PM CET
ASL305B733Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Fri 08:54PM CETFri 10:43PM CETFri 10:43PM CET
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