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En Route/Scheduled to CYYZ Toronto Pearson Int'l Airport (Toronto, Ontario) [CYYZ]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
KAL28474NChicago O'Hare Intl ()Thu 02:40AM CDTThu 05:00AM EDT
CHH7975787Beijing Capital Int'l ()Fri 02:20PM CSTFri 03:00PM EDT
CHH7975787Beijing Capital Int'l ()Thu 02:20PM CSTThu 03:00PM EDT
AMX6927S8Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Thu 01:05AM CDTThu 06:35AM EDT
AMX6927S8Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Fri 01:05AM CDTFri 06:35AM EDT
UPS488A306Louisville Intl ()Thu 04:34AM EDTThu 05:43AM EDT
TSC247A310Manchester ()Wed 12:20PM BSTWed 12:28PM BSTWed 02:54PM EDT
RZO301A310Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Fri 03:40PM WESTFri 06:45PM EDT
TSC249A310Barcelona Int'l ()Fri 02:05PM CESTFri 05:10PM EDT
TSC325A310Glasgow Int'l ()Thu 01:00PM BSTThu 03:02PM EDT
TSC489A310Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Fri 01:30PM CESTFri 03:50PM EDT
TSC209A310Manchester ()Thu 12:20PM BSTThu 02:50PM EDT
TSC801A310Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Thu 11:55AM CESTThu 02:40PM EDT
TSC565A310Manchester ()Fri 10:30AM BSTFri 01:05PM EDT
TSC295A310Porto / Oporto ()Fri 09:00AM WESTFri 11:50AM EDT
TSC891A310Abel Santa Maria ()Fri 06:35PM CDTFri 10:00PM EDT
RZO321A310Ponta Delgada Joao Paulo II ()Wed 04:10PM AZOSTWed 04:13PM AZOSTWed 05:50PM EDT
RZO321A310Ponta Delgada Joao Paulo II ()Thu 04:10PM AZOSTThu 06:35PM EDT
ROU1987A319Juan Gualberto Gomez Int'l ()Wed 11:40AM CDTWed 11:55AM CDTWed 02:44PM EDT
ROU1891A319Tampa Intl ()Wed 12:25PM EDTWed 12:32PM EDTWed 02:49PM EDT
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