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Departures: Vancouver Int'l Airport (Vancouver, British Columbia) [CYVR]
Arrival Time
ORK702Victoria Int'l ()Fri 07:06AM PSTFri 07:34AM PSTFri 07:34AM PST
C-FEXENanaimo ()Fri 07:17AM PSTFri 07:34AM PSTFri 07:35AM PST
C-FEXXVancouver Int'l ()Fri 06:31AM PSTFri 08:04AM PSTFri 08:04AM PST
C-GROJTofino ()Fri 08:47AM PSTFri 09:35AM PSTFri 09:35AM PST
C-FEXXNanaimo ()Fri 09:51AM PSTFri 10:05AM PSTFri 10:05AM PST
ORK150Vancouver Int'l ()Fri 08:50AM PSTFri 10:14AM PSTFri 10:14AM PST
C-FPDKVancouver Int'l ()Fri 08:44AM PSTFri 10:22AM PSTFri 10:22AM PST
C-FEXEVictoria Int'l ()Fri 09:39AM PSTFri 10:03AM PST10:03AM PST (?)
C-GROJTofino ()Fri 11:23AM PSTFri 12:22PM PST12:22PM PST (?)
C-FPDKVancouver Int'l ()Fri 11:25AM PSTFri 02:16PM PSTFri 02:16PM PST
ORK311Victoria Int'l ()Fri 07:36AM PSTFri 07:53AM PST07:53AM PST (?)
C-GVMIVancouver Int'l ()Fri 06:50AM PSTFri 07:09PM PSTFri 07:09PM PST
C-GROJTofino ()Fri 06:30PM PSTFri 07:19PM PSTFri 07:19PM PST
C-GANHWhitehorse Int'l ()Fri 08:03PM PSTFri 10:21PM PSTFri 10:21PM PST
M-USICPrince George ()Sat 07:10AM PSTSat 08:02AM PSTSat 08:02AM PST
C-GROJTofino ()Sat 11:20AM PSTSat 12:09PM PSTSat 12:09PM PST
C-FEXEVancouver Int'l ()Sat 10:04AM PSTSat 02:34PM PSTSat 02:34PM PST
C-FPDKVancouver Int'l ()Sat 11:17AM PSTSat 02:36PM PSTSat 02:36PM PST
C-GHJJVancouver Int'l ()Sat 07:48AM PSTSat 07:14PM PSTSat 07:14PM PST
C-GROJTofino ()Sat 06:26PM PSTSat 07:12PM PST07:12PM PST (?)
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