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Arrivals: Vancouver Int'l Airport (Vancouver, British Columbia) [CYVR]
CA711B350Kamloops ()Sun 01:42AM PSTSun 02:24AM PST
CA888C560Prince George ()Sun 12:24AM PSTSun 01:12AM PST
PCO340SF34Nanaimo ()Sun 12:18AM PSTSun 12:33AM PST
PCO350SF34Victoria Int'l ()Sun 12:14AM PSTSun 12:30AM PST
ASA705B737Seattle-Tacoma Intl ()Sat 11:39PM PSTSun 12:11AM PST
WJA131B738Calgary Int'l ()Sun 12:09AM MSTSun 12:22AM PST
WJA1791B736McCarran Intl ()Sat 09:54PM PSTSun 12:28AM PST
JZA8082DH8CVictoria Int'l ()Sat 09:53PM PSTSat 10:11PM PST
WEN3169DH8DKelowna Int'l ()Sat 09:34PM PSTSat 10:18PM PST
JZA8098DH8DSeattle-Tacoma Intl ()Sat 09:18PM PSTSat 09:50PM PST
PAL127B773John F Kennedy Intl ()Sun 12:16AM ESTSun 02:53AM PST
JZA8423DH8CKelowna Int'l ()Sat 09:14PM PSTSat 10:08PM PST
N162WCB737Washington Dulles Intl ()Sun 12:06AM ESTSun 02:25AM PST
WEN3167DH8DEdmonton Int'l ()Sat 10:06PM MSTSat 10:49PM PST
WJA555B738Calgary Int'l ()Sat 09:56PM MSTSat 10:04PM PST
JZA8126DH8DPortland Intl ()Sat 08:30PM PSTSat 09:23PM PST
UAL580B739San Francisco Intl ()Sat 08:27PM PSTSat 10:23PM PST
JZA8245DH8DTerrace ()Sat 08:24PM PSTSat 09:39PM PST
JZA8080DH8CVictoria Int'l ()Sat 08:21PM PSTSat 08:35PM PST
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