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Departures: Pitt Meadows (Pitt Meadows Regional) Airport (Pitt Meadows, British Columbia) [CYPK]
Arrival Time
C-GZPTSR22Victoria Int'l ()Sat 10:38AM PDTSat 11:24AM PDTSat 11:16AM PDT
C-GUZDC172Boundary Bay ()Tue 03:17PM PDTTue 05:08PM PDTTue 04:57PM PDT
C-GUFZPA46Pitt Meadows (Pitt Meadows Regional) ()Sat 10:48AM PDTSat 12:42PM PDTSat 12:03PM PDT
C-GUFZPA46Pitt Meadows (Pitt Meadows Regional) ()Mon 02:20PM PDTMon 04:20PM PDTMon 04:17PM PDT
C-GUFZPA46Pitt Meadows (Pitt Meadows Regional) ()Mon 05:49PM PDTMon 07:10PM PDTMon 07:03PM PDT
C-GUFZPA46Pitt Meadows (Pitt Meadows Regional) ()Sat 04:39PM PDTSat 06:48PM PDTSat 06:47PM PDT
C-GUFZPA46Pitt Meadows (Pitt Meadows Regional) ()Thu 12:02PM PDTThu 04:16PM PDTThu 02:18PM PDT
C-GUFZPA46Pitt Meadows (Pitt Meadows Regional) ()Mon 10:28AM PDTMon 11:49AM PDTMon 11:48AM PDT
C-GUFZPitt Meadows (Pitt Meadows Regional) ()Sat 12:25PM PDTSat 01:10PM PDTSat 01:10PM PDT
C-GSUZC206Boeing Field Intl ()Fri 07:18AM PDTFri 08:35AM PDTFri 08:28AM PDT
C-GSGBPA24Powell River ()Sun 12:07PM PDTSun 01:15PM PDTSun 01:14PM PDT
C-GSGBPA24Abbotsford Int'l ()Sun 12:47PM PDTSun 01:04PM PDTSun 01:04PM PDT
C-GRRRP28TQualicum Beach ()Mon 02:35PM PDTMon 03:30PM PDTMon 03:20PM PDT
C-GRRRP28TVictoria Int'l ()Wed 01:32PM PDTWed 02:11PM PDTWed 02:11PM PDT
C-GKVMRV7Victoria Int'l ()Sat 02:38PM PDTSat 03:11PM PDTSat 03:10PM PDT
C-GJGEC182Pitt Meadows (Pitt Meadows Regional) ()Mon 06:05PM PDTMon 07:47PM PDTMon 07:44PM PDT
C-GBCESR22Abbotsford Int'l ()Sun 04:06PM PDTSun 05:29PM PDTSun 05:29PM PDT
C-GBCESR22Pitt Meadows (Pitt Meadows Regional) ()Sun 03:00PM PDTSun 03:40PM PDTSun 03:27PM PDT
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