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Departures: Sondre Stromfjord Airport (Kangerlussuaq (Sondre Stromfjord)) [BGSF]
Arrival Time
GRL513DH8BNuuk ()Sat 04:09PM -02Sat 04:46PM -0204:46PM -02 (?)
GRL512DH8BIlulissat (Jakobshavn) ()Sat 03:49PM -02Sat 04:19PM -0204:19PM -02 (?)
GRL227DH8BNuuk ()Sat 02:44PM -02Sat 04:03PM -0204:03PM -02 (?)
GRL235DH8BSisimiut (Holsteinsborg) ()Sat 01:47PM -02Sat 02:07PM -02Sat 02:08PM -02
GRL582DH8BIlulissat (Jakobshavn) ()Sat 01:37PM -02Sat 02:07PM -0202:07PM -02 (?)
GRL782A332Copenhagen ()Sat 01:23PM -02Sat 09:29PM CESTSat 09:29PM CEST
GRL534DH8BAasiaat ()Sat 01:06PM -02Sat 01:33PM -0201:33PM -02 (?)
GRL555DH8BNuuk ()Sat 12:59PM -02Sat 01:36PM -0201:36PM -02 (?)
GRL551DH8BNuuk ()Sat 12:40PM -02Sat 01:17PM -0201:17PM -02 (?)
GRL226DH8BSisimiut (Holsteinsborg) ()Sat 10:35AM -02Sat 11:00AM -02Sat 10:56AM -02
GRL500DH8BIlulissat (Jakobshavn) ()Sat 09:47AM -02Sat 10:17AM -0210:17AM -02 (?)
GRL502DH8BIlulissat (Jakobshavn) ()Sat 09:38AM -02Sat 10:08AM -0210:08AM -02 (?)
GRL501DH8BNuuk ()Sat 09:33AM -02Sat 10:10AM -0210:10AM -02 (?)
GRL563DH8BNuuk ()Sat 01:26AM -02Sat 02:03AM -0202:03AM -02 (?)
GRL517DH8BNuuk ()Sat 01:22AM -02Sat 01:59AM -0201:59AM -02 (?)
GRL784A332Copenhagen ()Fri 11:43PM -02Sat 07:52AM CESTSat 07:52AM CEST
GRL584DH8BIlulissat (Jakobshavn) ()Fri 11:06PM -02Fri 11:36PM -0211:36PM -02 (?)
GRL586DH8BIlulissat (Jakobshavn) ()Fri 11:04PM -02Fri 11:34PM -0211:34PM -02 (?)
GRL561DH8BNuuk ()Fri 10:55PM -02Fri 11:32PM -0211:32PM -02 (?)
CFG2064Sondre Stromfjord ()Fri 08:23PM -02Fri 09:25PM -0209:25PM -02 (?)
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