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Non-stop fares

Passengers traveling from Seattle-Tacoma Intl (Seattle, WA) () to Orlando Intl (Orlando, FL) () on Alaska Airlines (or its operators) paid the following prorated amounts for that one-way ticket during the previous 12 months:

Fare classMinimum/TicketMedian/TicketMaximum/TicketRevenue/FlightRevenue/Year
Restricted Coach Class$57.95$231.81$813.90$28,129.70$18,649,994.67
Unrestricted First Class$390.61$641.06$774.32$4,314.83$2,860,734.56
Restricted First Class$50.04$199.39$730.92$684.52$453,841.39
Unrestricted Coach Class$249.94$497.58$651.53$3,176.95$2,106,318.21
Restricted Business Class$68.93$222.11$571.11$341.56$226,459.84

Alternate routings and fares

Popular airport connections or alternate routing from Seattle-Tacoma Intl (Seattle, WA) () and Orlando Intl (Orlando, FL) () across all carriers over the last 12 months included (prices lower than the most popular are in bold):

non-stopAlaska Airlines22%$50.04$246.88$813.90
via Continental8%$100.90$207.52$1,427.04
via American Airlines7%$61.61$170.01$1,524.00
via Delta7%$83.50$190.51$1,670.94
via United7%$76.04$201.41$1,503.12
via Delta3%$108.12$182.74$711.57
via Delta2%$114.32$174.46$780.19
via US Airways2%$67.58$234.87$1,277.08
(operated by Alaska Airlines)
via AirTran2%$78.07$160.01$515.97
via Southwest2%$106.61$184.97$489.91
via US Airways2%$70.62$229.01$843.06
via United2%$59.36$194.31$445.17
via American Airlines2%$97.32$160.02$707.12
via Frontier2%$54.98$150.03$463.96
via United2%$56.70$228.71$801.99
via Southwest2%$115.29$221.29$487.12
via Delta1%$105.18$161.60$943.08
via Southwest1%$113.78$201.97$688.94

Flight frequency

On non-stop flights from Seattle-Tacoma Intl (Seattle, WA) () to Orlando Intl (Orlando, FL) (), carriers flew the following number of flights during the previous 12 months:

CarrierFlights performedFlights scheduledPercentage flown
Alaska Airlines663663100%

Load factor

On non-stop flights from Seattle-Tacoma Intl (Seattle, WA) () to Orlando Intl (Orlando, FL) (), carriers filled this percentage of their seats during the previous 12 months:

CarrierPercentage of seats filledTotal seatsPassengersAverage per flight
Alaska Airlines86%104,27492,040139


On non-stop flights from Seattle-Tacoma Intl (Seattle, WA) () to Orlando Intl (Orlando, FL) (), carriers handled this amount of cargo (including passenger luggage) during the previous 12 months:

CarrierCargo weight (lbs)Mail transport (lbs)
Alaska Airlines28,098,9600

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