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Non-stop fares

Passengers traveling from Denver Intl (Denver, CO) () to Charlotte/Douglas Intl (Charlotte, NC) () on US Airways (or its operators) paid the following prorated amounts for that one-way ticket during the previous 12 months:

Fare classMinimum/TicketMedian/TicketMaximum/TicketRevenue/FlightRevenue/Year
Restricted First Class$150.01$1,026.55$2,296.97$3,014.98$5,273,215.78
Restricted Coach Class$58.96$250.15$1,883.03$35,293.97$61,729,161.35
Unrestricted Coach Class$481.99$988.98$1,462.81$3,009.52$5,263,655.55
Restricted Business Class$131.96$227.02$1,273.89$645.62$1,129,204.67

Alternate routings and fares

Popular airport connections or alternate routing from Denver Intl (Denver, CO) () and Charlotte/Douglas Intl (Charlotte, NC) () across all carriers over the last 12 months included (prices lower than the most popular are in bold):

non-stopUS Airways30%$58.96$259.51$2,296.97
via Delta9%$64.03$191.51$912.93
via United6%$54.28$151.97$1,316.00
via AirTran5%$104.53$180.53$559.99
via American Airlines5%$84.05$194.44$715.96
via United3%$78.37$126.68$418.44
via Delta3%$110.35$170.16$466.97
via Delta3%$109.00$184.51$388.49
via Continental3%$66.70$207.56$530.96
via United2%$100.61$137.51$638.84
non-stopAmerican Airlines2%$97.33$170.47$335.85
via United2%$67.55$171.45$542.72
via Delta2%$106.98$176.74$443.99
via Northwest Airlines1%$117.69$180.00$831.56
via Delta1%$79.85$177.07$330.77
via United1%$97.39$140.86$317.01
(operated by US Airways)

Flight frequency

On non-stop flights from Denver Intl (Denver, CO) () to Charlotte/Douglas Intl (Charlotte, NC) (), carriers flew the following number of flights during the previous 12 months:

CarrierFlights performedFlights scheduledPercentage flown
US Airways1,7491,77199%

Load factor

On non-stop flights from Denver Intl (Denver, CO) () to Charlotte/Douglas Intl (Charlotte, NC) (), carriers filled this percentage of their seats during the previous 12 months:

CarrierPercentage of seats filledTotal seatsPassengersAverage per flight
US Airways89%272,217240,499138


On non-stop flights from Denver Intl (Denver, CO) () to Charlotte/Douglas Intl (Charlotte, NC) (), carriers handled this amount of cargo (including passenger luggage) during the previous 12 months:

CarrierCargo weight (lbs)Mail transport (lbs)
US Airways75,865,400956,775

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