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For IFR flight planning, be certain to note altitude, type of aircraft and verify on terminal procedures that you are eligible for that SID/STAR/routing. Hover your mouse over an aircraft type or suffix for more details.
IFR Route Analyzer
Origin Airport

Destination Airport

Reverse route
This data is for suggestion purposes only. Flights may not have been conducted as filed, aircraft type may be erroneous, or data may contain other errors. You must independently verify validity of data by evaluating traditional flight planning publications to be guaranteed of terrain separation, range (fuel capacity) for your aircraft, potential ADIZ/TFR penetration, and other issues that could be fatally hazardous to the health of you and/or your passengers.
Route Analysis Summary
Frequency Origin Destination Altitude Full Route
5 FL210 - FL230BOTER CB
2 FL250 - FL3106600N/11000W
Route Analysis Itemized List
Filed Time Ident Origin Destination Aircraft Altitude Route
Mon 05:22AM MST FAB5446 AT43/ FL230 BOTER CB
Fri 11:25PM MST MPE446 B732/ FL310 6600N/11000W
Fri 11:25PM MST FAB852 AT43/ FL230 BOTER CB
Fri 10:04AM MST FAB5444 AT72/ FL210 BOTER CB
Fri 05:42AM MST FAB5458 AT43/ FL230 BOTER CB
Thu 11:25PM MST MPE478 DH8A/ FL250 6600N/11000W
Tue 11:26PM MST FAB852 AT43/ FL230 BOTER CB
Sun 11:26PM MST FAB842 AT43/ FL230 BOTER CB
Sun 11:26PM MST MPE478 DH8A/ FL250 6600N/11000W
Sat 11:27PM MST MPE446 B732/ FL310 6600N/11000W
Note: If results are insufficient, try nearby airports.


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