Montreal, Quebec () 1 hr 25 min1 hr 25 min
Shanghai () 1 hr 16 min1 hr 16 min
Chengdu, Sichuan () 41 min41 min
Beijing () 41 min41 min
Guangzhou, Guangdong () 38 min38 min
Shenzhen, Guangdong () 32 min32 min
Los Angeles, CA () 30 min30 min
Rome () 30 min30 min
Changi () 29 min29 min
Calgary, Alberta () 28 min28 min
Barcelona () 27 min27 min
New York, NY () 27 min27 min
Washington, DC ()
Scattered clouds
/images/weather_icons/white/partlycloudy.png 60 °F
Atlanta, GA ()
Scattered clouds
Light winds
/images/weather_icons/grey/partlycloudy.png 80 °F
Chicago, IL ()
Overcast skies
/images/weather_icons/white/overcast.png 55 °F
Los Angeles, CA ()
Light winds
/images/weather_icons/grey/rain.png 66 °F
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX ()
Scattered clouds
Light winds
/images/weather_icons/white/partlycloudy.png 78 °F


Announcing the Pro Stick Plus
FlightAware is excited to announce the next evolution of USB SDR sticks for ADS-B reception! The new Pro Stick Plus USB SDR builds on the popular Pro Stick by adding a built-in (more)
UPS Announces Order for 14 Boeing 747-8 Freighters
In positive news for the challenged 747-8F program, UPS has announced today an order for 14 Boeing 747-8 freighters. The agreement also includes purchasing options for 14 addit (more)
U.S. Air Force Fires Up the A-10 Depot Line to Keep Warthogs Flying 'Indefinitely'
On paper, the Air Force plans to start mothballing the A-10 in 2018, with the last Warthogs sent to the boneyard by 2021. But last month Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee (more)
Exclusive: Onboard the Frontier Airbus A320neo Inaugural Revenue Flight
Nearly six years after finalizing their order for the Airbus A320neo, Frontier Airlines has operated its first revenue A320neo flight from Tampa to Denver. (more)
Incident: Air Canada B767 at Milan on Oct 8th 2016, rejected takeoff due to dead airspeed
An Air Canada Boeing 767-300, registration C-FXCA performing flight AC-895 from Milan Malpensa (Italy) to Toronto,ON (Canada), was accelerating for takeoff from Malpensa's runw (more)
This is what happens if you try to sneak a Galaxy Note 7 onto an airplane
In the wake of Samsung officially axing Galaxy Note 7 production last week, the FAA this past Friday banned all Note 7 devices from U.S. flights. Whereas previous bans prevente (more)


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